Vardhman Multicuisines Pvt. Ltd.

Food For Thought; Food for Life @ Vardhman…!

At present, one may find it difficult to enjoy delicious food without spending a fortune. Along with its other magnanimous dreams, Vardhman Group parented a motto to serve people with the most delectable food, and that too at a quite affordable rate. The group then came up with an answer to bring excellent food to the table guaranteeing hygiene and a less expensive feast.

Being an established pioneer in the real estate sector, Vardhman Group has become a symbol of sophistication and luxury living. Today, after five decades of its existence, we, as a Group have ventured into the food and hospitality sector, to bring in the same level of distinction that is catered in the real estate business.

To expand Vardhman Multicuisines Pvt. Ltd. further, the Group has launched its first food court consisting of its own six divergent food brands. These brands were developed keeping in mind the tastes of the consumers that come from every walk of life. Our only aim is to please our consumers with these brands and ensure quality with every bite. Our cuisines are sure to influence taste buds all over. Here is an overview of our basket.

Proudly Thambi, as a part of Vardhman Fantasy Multicuisine Pvt. Ltd., does a good job of catering to South Indian cuisine with a difference.

So much to experiment, so much to discover. It is a delicious war initiated by Vardhman Fantasy Multicuisine Pvt. Ltd.

The prices are pretty reasonable and there is no compromise on the quality. In a conversation with the chef, he said “We wish to keep the spirits of Chinese food as they are. By giving them an Indian tadka, we try to make it more exotic. It is very rare to find good food at such prices. We make quality food, as the way you like it!”

It specializes in Mexican and Italian dishes. The menu consists of various dishes from around the world that have paved their way to fame. Begin your fantasy with French fries and nachos garnished in heavenly sauces. Also available to gobble, are Bruschettas and burgers to dissolve your senses. Next to grab your attention is the wide range of pizzas that come with exotic flavors. Margherita, farmhouse, peppy paneer and loads of other smacking items. There are also special items like Spaghettis and Pastas with recipes as good as original. And then of course, it is the frankies that complete the menu.

Elistano brings the dishes from the world at a common junction. The quality and prices are incomparable, worth and just amazing.

These three cuisines have been aptly adopted in the menu and it serves nothing but the best of these. One can find a treasure of Indian food garnished with the perfect Indian spices. Specialist chefs have been handed the task of satisfying the guests with scrumptious dishes. There is an option of paratha meal wherein different parathas are served with dal or curd. Then there are those traditional exotic vegetable gravies that go along well with our Indian breads. They offer khichdis and biryanis as well which are almost like the ones made at home. Moving on, one can also delight himself with various namkeens like bhajiyas, wadas and koftas. It also surprises you with its wide range in tandoori items like kebabs and tikkas.

Farmaeesh is the ideal restaurant for families and friends to get together and have that peaceful meal.

What better way to spend an evening than to lay your hands on pani puri, missal pav, wada pav and those elements that define Mumbai. Gather your friends and family, and let the chatpata moments begin. The same street food, the same aroma, the same buzz around; and also hygienic! Saluting the loyalty of Indians towards road-side stalls, Vardhman Fantasy Multicuisine Pvt. Ltd. brings forth a place where fun breathes. ‘Causeway’ plays host to some of Mumbai’s favorites.

Lined up with all the ‘chatpata’ items, the menu will give you enough reasons to keep exercising your jaws. This joint has all possible kinds of pav bhaji that one can think of. They are sure to remind you of the best pav bhajis you ever had on a roadside stall with the only difference being – this will prove to be much more memorable. It also has a ’causeway special’ pav bhaji which is supposed to be the attraction. They do not leave out the other favorites like missal pav, usal pav, samosas and kachori that make your day.

Inspired by the street-food lifestyle, Causeway calls all those who like to dip their teeth in some ravishing chatpata delicacies.

These brands will be fine tuned according to the needs of the consumers and will be expanded across Mumbai in due course. These brands will give Indian vegetarian cuisine a boost as we will exclusively serve vegetarian food across pan India. The Group is also targeting to set up 50 outlets soon by exploring the option of company owned outlets as well as the franchise route.

Vardhman Group is also looking to foray expand into banquet and catering options in the near future.

Satisfaction is our motto and we aim to please you with these flavors.

Our Goal is to give an experience like no other!