Vardhman Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt Ltd.

Fun and Games come to life at Vardhman Theme Park

Vardhman Group took up a strong initiative to entertain the ‘aam’ janta at an affordable price. Currently, the population has to burn its pockets to spend quality time. The group nurtured a vision of creating a land of entertainment which could suffice the precious time with one’s family and friends at an economical scale. Hence, we introduce you to the World’s Most Entertaining Theme Park…!

Vardhman Fantasy is located at the Shivar Gardens in the Mira- Bhayander area of Greater Mumbai. Spread lavishly over 11 acres, Vardhman Fantasy aims to become a landmark in every sense. Be ready to be transported to a planet that breathes merriment all the time! You will be enveloped by various sections that will definitely blow off your senses.

Fun has found a new synonym now- ‘Vardhman Fantasy, a Theme Amusement Park’. Vardhman Group believes that life is incomplete without some pleasurable experiences. Hence, we introduce you to the World’s Most Entertaining Theme Park…!

Our traditional Greek Village is a replica of how this piece of architecture dazzled a thousand eyes in its time. If you want to know how it felt to stand in front of the famous Colosseum, we have recreated the same epoch with our massive Colo Theatrum. The Cowboy zone is aimed purely at giving you those goose bumps of standing in the middle of a brash town and expecting bullets to whistle in your ears. The Las Vegas section is bound to show you all the joyful colors of life and assures to keep your pulse accelerating. Come face-to-face with monuments that have gathered accolades across the globe with our Wonders of the World section.

Apart from places that will leave you breathless, we also have Lake Venetia to calm your senses and forget the world among the calm gushes of water. And we also have taken care of your rumbling tummy with our Spanish Food court.

The ‘Vie Club’ is another revolution which is just adjoining the park. This revolutionary club shall pose as one of the most high-class club in its vicinity with amenities fit for a king. Banquets, rich interiors, sports etc. are just a glance at what this club will offer.

We endow you with a land that promotes different aspects of fun, frolic and excitement. We pledge to release you from those stress burdens and let you enjoy a day with your fantasies. Here, fun is all you can afford!

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